About DataZang

Based in Northeastern, PA, DataZang is a technology-driven consulting group comprised of Information Technology and media professionals. Our goal is to assist in the integration, expansion and support of our customers' technology resources. We provide custom tailored solutions to help our clients accomplish their goals.


DataZang features business services focused on enhancing the technical outlook of our customers by offering consulting, installation and support services. We provide solutions spanning client devices, servers, wired and wireless networks, along with an array of other hardware and software elements including on-site storage and off-site backup. Small businesses use us as their IT department...

Managed website hosting, in conjunction with Content Management System and Site Analytics, allow clients to distribute information, update website content, and monitor  traffic efficiently. DataZang's email and collaboration hosting will ensure that your business stays productive and in constant communication with employees and customers. We also offer custom solutions for radio stations and webcasters, aimed at enhancing the use of technology in production and business areas. What we do...

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